The Techno-Anthropology Research Group

The pressures of international competition, ressource scarcity, economic recession and climate change have stimulated a broad range of scientific and technological projects aimed at developing suitable new systems, products and solutions. The members of the TANT research group do not view technologies simply as technical fixes that in and off themselves will solve complicated societal issues. To the contrary, we hold the view that workable solutions require the active consideration of social relations, the engagement of users and an in-depth understanding of the situatedness and complexity of technology-in-use. The research group investigates questions such as:

  • How may users become active participants in technological innovation and design?
  • How may we come to terms with the risks, knowledge controversies and ethical dilemmas that arise with new technologies?
  • How do technologies transform people’s experiences, activities and performances?

We value discussions and the combination of different perspectives on science, technology and society. We also consider it a strength that our research topics span many different technical domains and this includes close collaboration with different technical experts. The pluralism of the group is clearly expressed in the recent book ‘What is Techno-Anthropology?’ and in the Techno-Anthropology study programme to which all members of the group contribute.

The techno-anthropology group is responsible for two labs: the Video Research Lab at campus Aalborg (VILA) and the Techno-Anthropology Lab at campus Copenhagen (TANTlab). Please visit our two lab homepages for up-to-date information about our activities.

Contact information

If you have any queries about research, please contact

Research group leader Torben Elgaard Jensen
Associate group leader Kathrin Otrel-Cass

For queries about news and events, please contact Research secretary Per Holm

If you have technical queries, please contact Peter Frandsen